Examiners Report for P41 Submission

The Examiner's Report provides valuable feedback on the P41 Submission, which is a MUST to read for a successful submission of your RAP:

There were 1,136 submissions in P41 and of these 739 (65%) passed. This pass rate is consistent with P40 (66%).

Academic Conduct Issues

The work that you submit to Oxford Brookes University must be your own work. If you submit that is not your own it is academic misconduct (cheating). Examples of cheating include:

  • Copying elements of the Research Report, excel spreadsheet or power point presentation from either another student, or work provided by a mentor, or from examples available on the internet

  • Using a template for the Research report, presentation or excel spreadsheet

  • Using a list of pre-prepared references

  • Allowing someone else to complete, or finish your work, including adding in the references ● Asking someone (such as your mentor) to do the research for you